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Ninnimoi Design´s name is a combination of words Ninni & moi. "Moi" means Hello in finnish and Ninni is my (Nina the designer´s) nickname from childhood.


Ninnimoi products are the work of entrepreneur and designer of Ninnimoi, Nina. Products are designed in Vuokatti and also made in Finland. Ninnimoi products have been awarded the Key Flag recognition by Finnish work association and Design from Finland recognition. We warmly welcome you to the Ninnimoi store!



The Ninnimoi Shop is located at Vuokatin liikekeskus, Heikintie 1 in Vuokatti, by the hills of Vuokatti. At our store you will find products that are carefully selected and skillfully prepared by Finnish designers along side our own Ninnimoi products.


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The story of Ninnimoi began at the cellar of my home, from where it operated the first two years. I have wanted to do things in my own way, values and with a big heart and it has also been my desire to work with something meaningful to me. Ninnimoi is about good things.

I have a degree in design from University of applied sciences. Words, especially when written have always fascinated me and I like writing by hand. The core of the Ninnimoi products where born out of personal interests. All of Ninnimoi texts are written by me. Words of comfort and feel good or as typographical elements. I made the first sketches for my first graphical designs, characters and elements such as cloud graphics and meadow flowers in 2014. The Ninnimoi story finally began in August 2015.

Ninnimoi product line currently include postcards, posters, notebooks, stickers and calendars. Ninnimoi selection also includes ”white label” products. They are prepared with domestic partnership and packed in accordance with the Ninnimoi brand. Currently the products contain, among other things, hand made soap, candles and lip moisturizer.

Ninnimoi has also a contract with Karto. Ninnimoi by Karto products are distributed by Karto to supermarkets and book stores.

In the spring of 2018 I began searching for an assistant at Ninnimoi, someone who had a real opportunity to take the brand further in accordance to the practices and values that are important to me. I found Anne and she works my by side at the Ninnimoi store and the social media.

Greetings from Vuokatti!

Nina, Ninnimoi Design





Vuokatin liikekeskus
Heikintie 1
88610 Vuokatti


Phone number
store +358 44 983 4777
nina +358 50 362 8192

Entrepreneur, graphic designer and professional dreamer
Nina Repo


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We have shifted to the use of electronic billing and we wish to receive bills primarily in electronic form. If your business does not have the access to online billing or via email you can send us paper bills to our scanning address. We do not receive bills to our street address.


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Ninnimoi in english
Ninnimoi in english





The prices of the products are presented with the products. The prices include a 24 % VAT. You can see the VAT on the basket and on the order confirmation.




Consumer customers can pay for their products by choosing from the options available in the basket.




Packing-and delivery fee’s will be automatically added to the total sum of the order. If the sum is at least 50 EUR, we will not charge a delivery fee. The prices are for shipping in Finland. Kindly contact nina(at) if you would like to order products abroad. Its possible to order products and have them shipped abroad, but unfortunately not yet through the online store.


We will ship the products you have ordered as soon as possible, usually within 1-3 business days from receiving the order. We aim to inform of any exceptions in delivery separately on the store. In case some of the products ordered are not available in our stock, we will contact you. Please note that the post office will hold shipments only for 7 days starting 1.10.2017. The post office does not send out a paper notification of the arrival of the shipment since 1.2.2018. You can follow your order here: If the product is not picked up at the post office and its sent back to us, we charge 6EUR to re-send it.




The products can be returned and refunded for full 14 days, excluding custom made products and digital products. The customer must pay the expenses of the return.

Products that are not claimed from the post office are not considered returned. If a product shipped the customer via post is returned to us due to not being collected in 7 days, we charge an additional 6EUR for re-sending it. Please contact us at nina(at) or by phone 050 362 8192/Nina before you return a product. You don’t have to tell us the reason for returning a product, however we welcome any and all feedback that helps us develop our service and products.




Should a product delivered to you have a defect, we ask you to immediately contact us and submit a notification by email nina(at) or by phone 050 362 8192/Nina.






Shopping at the Ninnimoi Design online store is easy. Select the products you like and add them to the basket. All of the products are available in our storage with exception to custom made products and separately ordered items. If an item is sold out, there will be a notification on the web page. Once you have completed selecting the products and added them to your basket continue to the payment by clicking ”buy now”. For Klarna check out payment options you have the most general online payment methods as well as credit card payment.


Once I have received the order we will process it as quickly as possible, usually within 1-3 business days (excluding special situations of which we always aim to inform you of on the webpage). Your order will be shipped to you as small parcel (letter) or as post package. I always aim to send the products out to you as soon as possible.




First find the products you like, you can use the text search to assist you. You can reach the product page by clicking the product list and that allows you to see more information and images on the product. Define the number of products you want and move them to the basket by clicking ”add to the basket” button. You can always ask for more information and contact us if you run into problems by emailing us at nina(at)



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If you wish to give us feedback, email us at nina(at)





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Ninnimoi Design tmi
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Nina Kohonen


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Ninnimoi Design tmi online store’s user data


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Personal information saved at the Ninnimoi Design tmi online store will only be used for customer relations purpose such as contacting, marketing and other online services.


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The following data will be collected from users who are registered:
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11. Correcting information


The data controller corrects, removes or amends the information in the register that is incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete or out dated on their own or at the demand of the data subject. The data subject should contact the data controller to correct information.